Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chapter 9: Who You Are

Thida woke up from unconsciousness in the dark and realized that her beauty turned to what it was. She ran in tears and tried to hide herself from Sopheak who was looking for her all the evening after the break. Sopheak saw her running home, so he ran after her until they reached Wat Phnom. Sopheak tried to stop and her, but Thida tried to stay away from him, and she told him how she looked like and why she did not want him to see her face.
      ‘I love the beauty inside you, Thida. Not your out side-appearance,’ explained Sopheak. ‘I knew how you looked like before you have told me, but I still love you,’ he added.
      When Thida heard that words she was very emotional, and she cried in happy inside heart. So she turned back to hold Sopheak. Sopheak hold her back and stroked her hair with his right hand gently. ‘I love you too,’ sobbed Thida.
            Sopheak walked Thida home in a very quite night. When they got home, they heard the angry sound of two old lady speaking English.

To be continued...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chapter 8: Japan Broomstick Racing

Mount Fuji
While Witch Jenny and Witch Susan were desperately searching for John and Marry on Google Map through the Magic Mirror which is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Peter and Max was at the 300th Broomstick Racing at Mount Fuji in Tokyo. It was the biggest Broomstick Racing of the year. Millions of Witches and Wizards all around the world attended the great event. Max was also one the racers, and he believed that he would win the Fastest Racer this year. Yet he wished his mom was here. The event was at night, so they could hide from the normal world. However, Japan Wizard Association had put on magic net around Mount Fuji, so no ordinary people could see what was happening. What the normal could see was only a great night view of Mount Fuji.

Max was ready for the competition, and he already mounted on his slick broomstick and so as other racers. They all look happy and excited. The voice of the crowd filled the largest mobile stadium which was made of wood and magical spells. It was floating around Mount Fuji. The audience were given brand news Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to view the match schedule and also the games. Peter was looking at the screen and zoom to see a close shot of his son. Max and contestants kicked off the broomstick to fly up, but Max's broomstick was stuck while the others took the lead.

So cool! To be continue...