Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chapter 10: True Love

The strangers were looking for the boots, but Malay had hidden the boots before they arrived.
      Sopheak and Thida tried to calm down the two witches and tried to persuade Malay bring out the boots. Malay finally released the boots. Witch Jenny was very happy to see her lovely boots and she kissed them. Witch Jenny and her sister mounted on their broomsticks about to take off; John and Mary stopped them and asked them to help Thida get her real beauty.
      ‘It’s easy, but you must find your true love who really love you,’ Witch Jenny told Thida and when she was about to continue.
      Sopheak interrupted her, ‘I love her. I’ll do anything for her.’
      Thida’s spirit was very high when she heard the real words from Sopheak.
      ‘Good! So now both of you just wear a boot each---this young handsome man wear the right boots---and you young lady wear the left boots---and both of you make all the wishes you want---one last thing you have to share your true love kiss, so do both of you Mary, John,’ commanded Witch Jenny looking at Thida’s ugly face.
      After they followed Witch Jenny’s command, there was a very bright pink light came out from their sweet lips kissing each others, and then Thida became a very beautiful woman for Sopheak.
      Thida also bagged Witch Jenny to help her sister. First Witch Jenny denied, but when she saw the kindness of Thida, she agreed. Witch Jenny warned Malay and her parents never to trouble Thida again. 

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chapter 9: Who You Are

Thida woke up from unconsciousness in the dark and realized that her beauty turned to what it was. She ran in tears and tried to hide herself from Sopheak who was looking for her all the evening after the break. Sopheak saw her running home, so he ran after her until they reached Wat Phnom. Sopheak tried to stop and her, but Thida tried to stay away from him, and she told him how she looked like and why she did not want him to see her face.
      ‘I love the beauty inside you, Thida. Not your out side-appearance,’ explained Sopheak. ‘I knew how you looked like before you have told me, but I still love you,’ he added.
      When Thida heard that words she was very emotional, and she cried in happy inside heart. So she turned back to hold Sopheak. Sopheak hold her back and stroked her hair with his right hand gently. ‘I love you too,’ sobbed Thida.
            Sopheak walked Thida home in a very quite night. When they got home, they heard the angry sound of two old lady speaking English.

To be continued...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chapter 8: Japan Broomstick Racing

Mount Fuji
While Witch Jenny and Witch Susan were desperately searching for John and Marry on Google Map through the Magic Mirror which is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Peter and Max was at the 300th Broomstick Racing at Mount Fuji in Tokyo. It was the biggest Broomstick Racing of the year. Millions of Witches and Wizards all around the world attended the great event. Max was also one the racers, and he believed that he would win the Fastest Racer this year. Yet he wished his mom was here. The event was at night, so they could hide from the normal world. However, Japan Wizard Association had put on magic net around Mount Fuji, so no ordinary people could see what was happening. What the normal could see was only a great night view of Mount Fuji.

Max was ready for the competition, and he already mounted on his slick broomstick and so as other racers. They all look happy and excited. The voice of the crowd filled the largest mobile stadium which was made of wood and magical spells. It was floating around Mount Fuji. The audience were given brand news Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to view the match schedule and also the games. Peter was looking at the screen and zoom to see a close shot of his son. Max and contestants kicked off the broomstick to fly up, but Max's broomstick was stuck while the others took the lead.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Chapter 7: When In Sydney

Witch Jenny had arrived her destination. She rushed to meet her sister Witch Susan who was looking in her magical mirror in side her beautiful house with a beautiful garden out side.
      ‘Susan! Are you home?’ asked Witch Jenny.
      ‘Yes, I am,’ said Witch Susan while she reached her hand to opened the door. Witch Jenny flew her broomstick in side her sister’s house and parked it at the corner of the house with other broomsticks there.
      ‘Where are Peter and Max?’ asked Witch Jenny.
      ‘They are joining broomstick racing match in Tokyo. They come back tomorrow,’ said Witch Susan.
      ‘I’ve got something to show you guys, but now only you here,’ said Witch Jenny powerlessly. When she looked for her boots they were gone, she was very shocked in fear. Witch Jenny was very worried and her tear drops began to come out of her both bright diamond eyes. Her sister led her to the magic mirror to ask him where the boots were.
      ‘Mirror, mirror, tell me where are my boots now,’ commanded Witch Jenny.
      ‘They are in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.’ answered the Magic Mirror, and He also showed the location to Witch Jenny and Susan.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chapter 6: The Dancing Party

The dancing evening was coming. Thida was wearing the boots and making her wish just like boots told her. It was incredible; her clothes and her beauty changed to wonderfully beautiful.
      When she had arrived the university, everyone was looking at her. No one knew it was her, until she told them who she was. Sopheak a young kind handsome boy who study in the evening session invited Thida to dance. All the girls at the party were very jealous with Thida. Sopheak liked looking into Thida eyes when they were dancing. The music was Thida’s favorite song Hero. Thida felt like she was floating on her dream when she danced with Sopheak. 
      ‘Your eyes are very beautiful and full of love,’ Sopheak said to Thida who was very shy when she had heard the real sweet words from Sopheak. They danced together all the evening.
      When they had a break, Thida told Sopheak that she needed to go to the restroom. When Thida was walking to the restroom, Malay and two of her friends knocked her down. They carried her to the back of the building and left her there in the dark. Malay stole Thida’s magical boots.
      Malay tried the boots, and said what she heard the boots told Thida. Suddenly, Malay’s face had changed to old and scary face and her hair changed to white like a wicked witch. Her two idiot friends ran away from her. She ran home crying for help from her parents, yet she almost scared her parents to death.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Chapter 5: It's Not an Accident

Down below Thida was walking desperately across Wat Phnom from her school; the boots fell off the broomstick and dropped on her head causing her unconscious.    
      ‘She’s conscious now!’ said John the right boot.
      ‘Really,’ exclaimed Mary the left.
      ‘How could I get home?’ said Thida in Khmer.
      ‘We took you to your home,’ answer the two boots in Khmer.
      ‘Huh, both of you can talk!’ said Thida surprisingly.
      ‘Yes, we can. We are magical boots and we are from London, England,’ said the boots
      ‘How can you speak my language?’ asked Thida wonderingly in Khmer.
      ‘I told you we are magical boots,’ answered John freely in Khmer.
      ‘Oh, I see and nice to see you! By the way, my name is Thida,’ said Thida happily in English.
      ‘I’m John,’ said John. ‘And, I’m Mary,’ said Mary with smile on her booty face. ‘You also speak English too!’ said John.
      ‘Yeah, I learning English at Norton,’ said Thida. ‘Norton?’ wondered John.
      They talked and shared their stories. Thida sadly told John and Mary about her problem that she wanted to join dancing party at her university, and how other students thought about her. She also told John and Mary that she was dreaming of a hero to share true love with. John and Marry decided to help Thida. John and Mary also told Thida about themselves that before they were a couple dragons. When they were flying around Nepal, they hit Mount Everest because of the weather that day was very foggy so they could not see what ahead of them. After the accident, they both died. Fortunately, their master Witch Jenny helped them to be alive again. While they were talking, Malay was secretly listening to them out side Thida’s small bedroom at the attic of their house.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Chapter 4: The Fall Off

After the Oral Interpretation class, Thida walked down stairs with her friend Chenda; she saw many people were looking and talking at the information board, and the notice was about School Night Party which would come very soon. At first, Thida was not interested in it at all, but Chenda motivated her join with a reason to see society. But Thida had did not confirm yet because she worried that her parents would not allow her. And another reason is her face which has a big black mark on it which Malay’s favorite points to make fun of her.

While Thida was looking at the board, Malay and her idiot friends came and mocked at her.
‘Interested? Ugly girl?’ laughed Malay and her idiot friends with glee. ‘You better find an ugly face boyfriend to go with you. Hahahah…’ they said and laughed loudly at the same time. Thida was very sad and run away from them. Chenda warned Malay and her friends not to say bad words to her friend again.


Witch Jenny and the boots had arrived Phnom Penh the capital city of Cambodia. When they flew over Wat Phnom landmark of the city, the wind was blowing very strong causing the boots to fall off the broomstick; Witch Jenny did not notice because she was listening to her favorite song called Shut Up and Drive sang by Rihanna through her iPhone headsets. ‘Master......! Help Us!!!!!!!’ shouted the Boots loudly, but it was useless. Witch Jenny just kept flying on her way to Sydney, and enjoyed her loud music.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chapter 3: A Poor Girl

Gold-like sun light welcome the morning
It was a beautiful Monday morning, and the Sun welcomed the morning with its warm gold-like light to shine the whole world. The birds were singing happy on a mango tree inside Thida’s backyard which had plenty of green fruit. Thida was made to wake up from her sweet dream which she always dreamt about her hero by her radio alarm which was set on Love FM 97.5 channel the most popular English speaking station in Cambodia. The music that welcome the beautiful morning was a romantic song of Maria Carey called Hero which was Thida’s favorite song. Thida was listening and singing along with the song:

There's a hero If you look inside your heart You don't have to be afraid Of what you are There's an answer If you reach into your soul And the sorrow that you know Will melt away ... And you'll finally see the truth That a hero lies in you...

Thida sang along with the song until it was over. ‘I love this song so much, and I hope one day my hero will come for me.’ said Thida with a very good mood and hope in side her heart.

Poor Thida was a kind girl, who had a good heart and true beauty in side her eyes, but there was something wrong with her outside beauty and it was something that nobody could explain. Her parents and younger sister hated her so much with no reason. However, Thida was still a very independent young lady. She always loved her family; although, they never did anything good to her. In her heart, she always believed her family would share their love to her. Thida was one of Harry Potter fans and she believed in magic. She read all Harry Potter books which she bought from Boston Book and as well as The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teen. Those books helped her to go through her hard life and directed her to understand the meaning life.

Every day, Thida had to do all of the cooking and cleaning. She never had nice clothes to wear, while her sister Malay had everything. However, she never complaint about it; in contrast, she felt happy doing her house work. And believe in her dream and hard work.

After she prepared foods and drinks for her parents and her sister, and cleaned the whole house. She prepared herself for school. She was a freshman studying English in a university in Cambodia called Norton University, and she never paid for the university fee because she was the 1st place student of English Department.

Thida's old sneakers
Her sister Malay was a very jealous girl; she and her friends always mocked at Thida. She was a pretty girl, but her inner was awful. She never told anyone that Thida is her own sister. Malay droved her brand new brand Honda Icon to school everyday; for Thida her transportation was her two feet with a pair of old Converse sneakers which her loved so much. They were her birthday gift from her best friend Chenda.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chapter 2: The Way to Sydney

‘John, Marry, both of you is not just a pair of boots. You are special!’ told the witch to John and Marry.
      The witch wanted to show her boots to her older sister Susan who live in Sydney, so she headed to her flying broomstick which left at the corner of her potion making room. When she mounted on her broomstick and placed John and Mary on, her latest iPhone was ringing. So she reached her right hand into her deep pocket and grabbed her cell phone out to find out who was calling her. It was her boyfriend David. David was a bachelor handsome old man who used false teeth in his mouth, and he knew his girlfriend is a witch because she told him the truth. That made him loves her more than ever. Moreover, they were planning to get married very soon.
      ‘Hello, Dave,’ answered the witch.
      ‘Hi. Jenny, how are you?’ asked David.
‘I am wonderful, honey. Oh! And how are your false teeth? Anyway, I’m in a hurry - I have to leave for Sydney now,’ said Witch Jenny hurriedly.
      ‘When you come back, Jen?’ asked David. ‘I miss you.’ He added, ‘And my false teeth are fine.’ His false teeth were about to fall out of his mouth as he was trying to reply to his beloved girlfriend. But he could manage it.
      ‘I’ll be back in three days. I miss you too sweetheart, bye!’ answered witch Jenny and turned of her cell phone. 

Witch Jenny flying to Sydney
‘Are you ready John, Mary?’ asked witch Jenny. When John and Mary opened their mouth about to answer, witch Jenny kicked her broomstick to fly into the blue cloudless sky. She was flying up very high into the sky because she didn’t want ordinary people to notice. While they were flying on the broomstick, they were talking to each other happily. On their way to Sydney, witch Jenny wanted to see Angkor Wat Temple, so she decided to fly across Cambodia – The Kingdom of Wonder with thousands of beautiful places to visit.

Cambodia Kingdom of Wonder
When they had arrived Cambodia, Witch Jenny flew her broomstick over the top of Angkor Wat Temple, and she brought her coolest Canon a professional camera to take some photos. ‘Beautiful beautiful very beautiful!’ witch Jenny kept saying the word ‘beautiful’. ‘I have to visit here again when I come back,’ she added.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Chapter 1: The Return of John and Mary

The Boots
Inside an old scary cottage which was built in a small town outside London, there lived an old lady wearing a black long dirty dress, big long hat, and buckled boots. Her white long hair was very untidy, her big blue eyes shining like diamonds, her nose was long and crooked, and her thin small mouth had only one tooth inside. It seemed like she was working on something abnormal, but she was a kind witch. She was making a potion which she called the magical life potion. When she dropped her last ingredient into her big black iron pot, the potion was beginning to boil and changing its color from dark blown to pink. Waving her wand with her right hand and saying her spells, she dropped a pair of cool boots which made of two animals’ skin into the pot containing the pink potion with her left hand. After she dropped the boots, she kept saying her spells.
      ‘Wowa Tatota Shanto...My magical life potion please gives lives to my boots!’ said the witch and she kept saying the spells.
      Suddenly, there was a big surprised grin on the witch’s face when she looked into her boiling potion. ‘Oh my gosh! You guys are back,’ the witch shouted and she kept grinning.
      ‘Master, thank you, thank you so much,’ said both boots happily and they jumped out off the pot.
      ‘Anything, John, Marry, I’m so happy to see both of you again,’ said the witch emotionally.

And that's how our Boots Story begins.

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