Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chapter 6: The Dancing Party

The dancing evening was coming. Thida was wearing the boots and making her wish just like boots told her. It was incredible; her clothes and her beauty changed to wonderfully beautiful.
      When she had arrived the university, everyone was looking at her. No one knew it was her, until she told them who she was. Sopheak a young kind handsome boy who study in the evening session invited Thida to dance. All the girls at the party were very jealous with Thida. Sopheak liked looking into Thida eyes when they were dancing. The music was Thida’s favorite song Hero. Thida felt like she was floating on her dream when she danced with Sopheak. 
      ‘Your eyes are very beautiful and full of love,’ Sopheak said to Thida who was very shy when she had heard the real sweet words from Sopheak. They danced together all the evening.
      When they had a break, Thida told Sopheak that she needed to go to the restroom. When Thida was walking to the restroom, Malay and two of her friends knocked her down. They carried her to the back of the building and left her there in the dark. Malay stole Thida’s magical boots.
      Malay tried the boots, and said what she heard the boots told Thida. Suddenly, Malay’s face had changed to old and scary face and her hair changed to white like a wicked witch. Her two idiot friends ran away from her. She ran home crying for help from her parents, yet she almost scared her parents to death.

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