Friday, July 29, 2011

Chapter 7: When In Sydney

Witch Jenny had arrived her destination. She rushed to meet her sister Witch Susan who was looking in her magical mirror in side her beautiful house with a beautiful garden out side.
      ‘Susan! Are you home?’ asked Witch Jenny.
      ‘Yes, I am,’ said Witch Susan while she reached her hand to opened the door. Witch Jenny flew her broomstick in side her sister’s house and parked it at the corner of the house with other broomsticks there.
      ‘Where are Peter and Max?’ asked Witch Jenny.
      ‘They are joining broomstick racing match in Tokyo. They come back tomorrow,’ said Witch Susan.
      ‘I’ve got something to show you guys, but now only you here,’ said Witch Jenny powerlessly. When she looked for her boots they were gone, she was very shocked in fear. Witch Jenny was very worried and her tear drops began to come out of her both bright diamond eyes. Her sister led her to the magic mirror to ask him where the boots were.
      ‘Mirror, mirror, tell me where are my boots now,’ commanded Witch Jenny.
      ‘They are in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.’ answered the Magic Mirror, and He also showed the location to Witch Jenny and Susan.

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