Monday, July 4, 2011

Chapter 4: The Fall Off

After the Oral Interpretation class, Thida walked down stairs with her friend Chenda; she saw many people were looking and talking at the information board, and the notice was about School Night Party which would come very soon. At first, Thida was not interested in it at all, but Chenda motivated her join with a reason to see society. But Thida had did not confirm yet because she worried that her parents would not allow her. And another reason is her face which has a big black mark on it which Malay’s favorite points to make fun of her.

While Thida was looking at the board, Malay and her idiot friends came and mocked at her.
‘Interested? Ugly girl?’ laughed Malay and her idiot friends with glee. ‘You better find an ugly face boyfriend to go with you. Hahahah…’ they said and laughed loudly at the same time. Thida was very sad and run away from them. Chenda warned Malay and her friends not to say bad words to her friend again.


Witch Jenny and the boots had arrived Phnom Penh the capital city of Cambodia. When they flew over Wat Phnom landmark of the city, the wind was blowing very strong causing the boots to fall off the broomstick; Witch Jenny did not notice because she was listening to her favorite song called Shut Up and Drive sang by Rihanna through her iPhone headsets. ‘Master......! Help Us!!!!!!!’ shouted the Boots loudly, but it was useless. Witch Jenny just kept flying on her way to Sydney, and enjoyed her loud music.

OMG! To be continued...

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