Friday, July 15, 2011

Chapter 5: It's Not an Accident

Down below Thida was walking desperately across Wat Phnom from her school; the boots fell off the broomstick and dropped on her head causing her unconscious.    
      ‘She’s conscious now!’ said John the right boot.
      ‘Really,’ exclaimed Mary the left.
      ‘How could I get home?’ said Thida in Khmer.
      ‘We took you to your home,’ answer the two boots in Khmer.
      ‘Huh, both of you can talk!’ said Thida surprisingly.
      ‘Yes, we can. We are magical boots and we are from London, England,’ said the boots
      ‘How can you speak my language?’ asked Thida wonderingly in Khmer.
      ‘I told you we are magical boots,’ answered John freely in Khmer.
      ‘Oh, I see and nice to see you! By the way, my name is Thida,’ said Thida happily in English.
      ‘I’m John,’ said John. ‘And, I’m Mary,’ said Mary with smile on her booty face. ‘You also speak English too!’ said John.
      ‘Yeah, I learning English at Norton,’ said Thida. ‘Norton?’ wondered John.
      They talked and shared their stories. Thida sadly told John and Mary about her problem that she wanted to join dancing party at her university, and how other students thought about her. She also told John and Mary that she was dreaming of a hero to share true love with. John and Marry decided to help Thida. John and Mary also told Thida about themselves that before they were a couple dragons. When they were flying around Nepal, they hit Mount Everest because of the weather that day was very foggy so they could not see what ahead of them. After the accident, they both died. Fortunately, their master Witch Jenny helped them to be alive again. While they were talking, Malay was secretly listening to them out side Thida’s small bedroom at the attic of their house.

Cool! To be continued...

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