Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chapter 10: True Love

The strangers were looking for the boots, but Malay had hidden the boots before they arrived.
      Sopheak and Thida tried to calm down the two witches and tried to persuade Malay bring out the boots. Malay finally released the boots. Witch Jenny was very happy to see her lovely boots and she kissed them. Witch Jenny and her sister mounted on their broomsticks about to take off; John and Mary stopped them and asked them to help Thida get her real beauty.
      ‘It’s easy, but you must find your true love who really love you,’ Witch Jenny told Thida and when she was about to continue.
      Sopheak interrupted her, ‘I love her. I’ll do anything for her.’
      Thida’s spirit was very high when she heard the real words from Sopheak.
      ‘Good! So now both of you just wear a boot each---this young handsome man wear the right boots---and you young lady wear the left boots---and both of you make all the wishes you want---one last thing you have to share your true love kiss, so do both of you Mary, John,’ commanded Witch Jenny looking at Thida’s ugly face.
      After they followed Witch Jenny’s command, there was a very bright pink light came out from their sweet lips kissing each others, and then Thida became a very beautiful woman for Sopheak.
      Thida also bagged Witch Jenny to help her sister. First Witch Jenny denied, but when she saw the kindness of Thida, she agreed. Witch Jenny warned Malay and her parents never to trouble Thida again. 

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